Thursday, December 22, 2005

Newcomb Jewelry Sales to Resume in January, 2006

We have received many inquires about holiday purchases of the Newcomb Jewelry Collection. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your requests until we are back on campus after the holiday season. Thank you for your interest in and continued support of the Newcomb Alumnae Office.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Letter from the Chairs of the Special Task Force

Click here to read a copy of the letter from the Chairs of the Special Task Force that has been or will be sent to all Newcomb students and alumnae.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Letter from Dean Lowenthal - December 9, 2005

Dear students, alumnae, and friends of Newcomb College,

I am writing to you today to speak about Newcomb College in light of Tulane’s University’s Renewal Plan. The Tulane University Board of Administrators unanimously approved a reorganization of the entire university as a result of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. A copy of that plan can be found here. I urge you to read it carefully.

This reorganization will affect many of the existing schools and colleges, including Newcomb College, which will cease to function as you have known it as of June 06.

A special Task Force has been set up to make decisions about how to honor Newcomb College. Soon you will receive an email from the Task Force with more information about how you can submit suggestions about how to honor Newcomb and how best to use the Newcomb Endowment.

To our current students, I want to offer the following reassurances. During the spring 06 semester, we will continue to offer as many of our traditional programs as possible. The curriculum and your requirements will remain unchanged. You will have ample opportunity to discuss your plans and concerns with your Newcomb advisor.

To our alumnae, I ask that you continue to support the Tulane Rebuilding Fund. I am very grateful for your support to date.

I will continue in my role as dean through the Spring 06 semester, and I plan to post regular updates on the status of the College. I ask that you be patient with us and with the process as we all work to create Newcomb’s place in a renewed Tulane University.

With gratitude for your continued dedication to Newcomb College,

Cynthia Lowenthal